My World

This is my world, as I see it. A website on all kind's of subjects. What is the horizon, Gravity, The sky, models and space travel.. Al kinds of subject flat earthers try to deny.

Sun Angles Animation Flat Earth Compare to Speherical Earth

Application showing animation of Sunangles on Globe and Flatearth. You can set longitude,latitude, date and time, and animate what happens when different paramaters are changed

The Solar System

A 3D model of the Solar System, build in WebGL and javascript. Move through the solar system, see the planets rotating around the Sun, or see them how the move as seen when the earth is in the center.

Right ascension and Hour angles explained

A 2D model where all the different angles the come into the picture when calculating the Right Ascension, Hour Angle are used to find the Azimuth and Altitude of the Sun.

The Solar system and Kepler's Formula explained

A 3D model of the Solar system, with explanation of Kepler's laws of planetary motion. With an accompanying webpage explaining the terminology